Personalize one today, and give your imagination wings. PK's Pixie Solo

PK’s Pixies are 100% handcrafted fairy and mermaid companions with unique stories for lifting spirits and bringing smiles. Approximately three inches high, each pixie and mermaid has a whole lot of personality, and can be hung in any room for that special touch of whimsy.

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Your pixie or mermaid can be customized to look like you or the person you’re gifting to. Makes a fun and unique way to let someone know they are special. Either contact PK Hrezo via email, or the contact form at the bottom of this screen. Or, order directly via my online Pixie Shop by visiting the Design Your Own pixie page. Include special instructions for customization in the checkout screen, and I’ll be in touch via email to confirm specifications.

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Every order receives a Confirmation Email and Shipping Email. 

DID YOU KNOW? PK’s Pixies can be customized for bridal parties, dance and cheer teams, book clubs, birthday parties, and more? Contact PK directly for customized consultation, and/or see the Party Pack page for more information.


PK’s Pixies are now available via Amazon Handmade. If you prefer to purchase through Amazon or pay with an Amazon credit account, you may now do so. Please visit my Amazon Artisan page by clicking on the green button below:



           Please note: orders may also be made via email: or phone: 813-401-1618


Pixie Shop at the Mall


medal,awardView each pixie from the Pixie Shop to read her story and find out if she is the right companion for you. Stories are 100% original and can be tailored to fit your desires. All pixies pictured can be customized with your choice of hair and skin color. Pixies are sorted into the below categories, so feel free to do a search if you are looking for a particular theme. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact me directly, and I’ll make it for you.

(Designs vary as each is handcrafted)

  • Themed Pixie
  • Woodland Sprite
  • Holiday Sprite
  • Seasonal
  • Mermaid


A Few of the Most Popular Pixie Themes: 


roadside,shop Shop for yourself or for that special someone. PK’s Pixies make a unique gift for any occasion. Create and design your own pixie on the Design Your Own page. 

Learn How PK’s Pixies are Made, read about the Pixie Promise, and see how it all began with PK’s Fairy Tale. 

New theme ideas always welcome! 

Please note: PK’s Pixies are not intended as toys for small children, as they are crafted with tiny parts that can break off and become choking hazards. These are novelty items meant as whimsical decoration.  

              Take your time and look around. It’s my pleasure to serve you. 

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fav,star,favourite,bookmark DON’T THROW OUT YOUR OLDIES! One of the reasons I’m able to keep PK’s Pixies so affordable is because I upcycle fabric, ribbon, costume jewelry, etc, for their clothing.  If you have old fabric or princess costumes or jewelry and would like to donate, I’d be happy to pay for postage. Please contact me via email or the contact form below. 


 Want me to visit your school? I love talking to eager young minds about artistic endeavors, branding, and becoming a solopreneur. If you would like me to pay a complimentary visit to your school in the Tampa area, please email me at

Need a pixie party pack? I do customized pixie packs like bridal parties, dance teams, cheer teams, birthday parties, etc.

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