All faeries know who to call when they are feeling bad—Nurse Nightingale! She never hesitates to lend a hand, taking temperatures, giving sponge baths, checking vitals, and mixing up just the right remedy to cure whatever ails. Not only does Miss Nightingale nurse others back to good health, but her positive energy and generous spirit shines light on all who need it. Keep Nurse Nightingale nearby in case an extra dose of TLC is needed, and let her be a reminder that love and kindness are a medicine that everyone needs.


Designs vary as to what's in stock. A personalized email will go out with your order with picture of availability. For questions before your purchase, simply email PK directly at

For orders of six or more nurse pixies, each one can be personalized with name and appearance. Makes a unique and special gifts for doctor's office staff, hospital staff, etc. Check out the PIXIE PARTY PACK page for more info and special pricing.

Consider the STARLA STAYWELL pixie for generalized get well gifts and cancer survivors. 

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