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Pixie Dust Productions provides services for authors at an affordable flat rate. Ebook and Print formatting, which includes simple yet striking cover design, comes at a flat rate of $100 per project for books 120K words or less. 

As an independently published author myself, I design my own covers, edit and format my own work, and am committed to the level of professionalism it takes to successfully produce top quality products. Because I enjoy helping and working with other authors, and because I know how expensive it can be to get started, I provide production services at a low, all-inclusive flat rate. 

For samples of my work, please visit my BOOKS BY PK HREZO page, and see Giving Imagination Wings, The Butterfly Lullaby, Buttercream Dreams. All of these works are entirely designed, formatted, and edited by Pixie Dust Productions. While most of my other published works are also edited and formatted by PDP, some of the cover work has been designed by other artists. If you're looking for simple yet striking designs and top quality formatting, the PDP service should be right up your alley. If you've already purchased pre-made ebook covers, I can simply integrate that into the formatting, or create a print cover using the pre-made design. 

Have questions? Contact me and I'll be in touch right away.  


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Tell me about yourself and your project. You will be contacted right away via email to discuss. If you already have authorized photographs, graphics,  or any other cover specifics you'd like to use, even better. 

I believe in giving back to the author community and helping my fellow writer succeed. 

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