Thanking everyone for their support and encouragement throughout the year. It's such a thrill when someone finds the perfect pixie or mermaid companion for them or someone they know. Just the other day at the St. Pete beach market, someone found one of the bogies, Lucinda Hallows, from the Mossvale Tales series, and picked her up to give to a friend whose name is Cindy and who's birthday is on Halloween. 

Things like that happen all the time and it really is magical. 

Fresh pixies and mermaids are readily available for sale the next two Saturdays at Citrus Park Mall market in front of Macy's, as well as on Dec. 17th at St. Pete Beach Corey Avenue. After that, shop will close up for a few weeks while PK has minor surgery. Orders can still be shipped (while supplies last) in time for the holidays, so if you need help or have questions, don't hesitate to email at pakazo77@gmail.com

Enjoy your holiday season! Wishing you much peace and love.