Through the fern glade and deeper into the woodland realm, lies a miniature world within our own--a world where magic exists, and existence is the very essence of magic itself. 

Meet the woodland sprites of Mossvale. 

When an unwanted visitor hexes the hidden realm and delays the new season, six close friends find their advancement to the next grade of magic delayed too. They'll have to find some answers somewhere, but danger lurks in every corner of the woodlands. Join them on the first of their adventures, in Book One of the Mossvale Tales series.

This easy to read chapter book includes black and white photography and perfect for young readers ages 8 - 13. Why not make it an extra special gift package with either a character from the book, or a bottle of pixie dust for making perfectly precious promises. All items can be shipped together as a bundle to save on shipping costs. See the other packages available on this page. Head to the Mossvale Tales page to see them all. 

eBook also available for .99 on Amazon. See the Books page on the site menu bar for links.

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