Vidalia Dillberry – Woodland Sprite


Through the Fern Glade, and deeper into the Woodland realm, is a miniature world within our own—a world where magic exists, and existence is the very essence of magic itself. Vidalia comes from the clan of wood sprites known as the Dillberrys, revered throughout the land for their crafty harvest. Acorns, berries, and honey are all made readily available to all of the Woodland folk by this skilled and efficient clan. Vidalia makes it her special purpose to educate all spritelings in how not to be wasteful of that which is provided for them. She can often be found teaching at Fig Hall so that the art of preservation and resourcefulness will live on for future generations of wood sprites. Hang her where you like to be reminded that Mother Nature always gives us what we need, as long as we don’t take too much.