Talullah the Tooth Fairy


                            Talullah the Tooth Fairy

             So you’ve lost a tooth!  Well, tonight is your night.

             Talullah will guard it with all of her might.

             Place it in her satchel and wish her goodnight,

             once you’re asleep is when  she’ll take flight.

             At the grand fairy bank she’ll deposit it forever,

             and if you’ve been good, she’ll return with great pleasure,

             to bring you a little something that fairies store away,

             in hopes of brightening another child’s day.

             Talullah is special because she’s been assigned to you,

             so please keep her safe while she awaits your next tooth.      


In addition to her story card with above poem, Talullah comes with her own bag for your tooth and small money clip for any bills she may return back with from the tooth bank. Hang Talullah by your bed with your tooth in her bag, then sleep tight. When you awake, be sure to check her bag for your reward.

Talullah can be customized with your choice of hair and skin color. 

Price includes shipping anywhere in continental United States. 


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