Posey Petalpond – Woodland Sprite

Through the Fern Glade, and deeper into the Woodland realm, is a miniature world within our own—a world where magic exists, and existence is the very essence of magic itself. Posey comes from the wood sprite clan known as the Petalponds, revered throughout the land for their cleverness with water works. The hidden woodland sprite village requires easy access to water wells for the survival of all the clans, and the Petalponds are geniuses at summoning and guiding the flow of water. As with all Petalponds, Posey holds with her the secret words of ancient woodland wisdom, used to beckon rain, or cease it from falling. Listen for her magical whispers and keep an eye out for her dainty raindances. Hang her wherever you need a reminder that even nature can use a bit of encouragement at times.