Nilla Wayfarer – World Traveler


Nilla is one pixie who is always ready to go. She never lets tired wings, jet lag, or lost luggage bring her down. The world is full of fabulous places and beautiful faces, and although home is sweetest, there is an entire globe to explore. Nilla knows a smile is the universal gesture for friendship, and if you’re on the go, bring her with you. She is an expert at converting any frustration vibes into positive energy, in an effort to give you the best journey possible. Let her presence be a reminder that the best of the world’s beauty is waiting to be shared.

Nilla Wayfarer shares her journeys on her very own Instagram page. To see where she’s been, click HERE. Be sure to tag her when you want her to share your own special travel pictures, at @nillawayfarer

To bring Nilla or one of her sisters to your doorstep, you only need to pay her one-way fare, which includes the tax and postage. Customize one of her sisters with your choice of hair and skin color, and if you’d like, give her a name and start your own travel pixie page to share your trips.

Package includes pixie and story card.


Nilla Wayfarer 5                 Nilla Wayfarer 6      


My sisters come with customizable hair and skin colors. You can also give them a name!