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Marigold Pumpernickel – Woodland Sprite


Through the Fern Glade, and deeper into the Woodland realm, is a miniature world within our own—a world where magic exists, and existence is the very essence of magic itself. Marigold comes from the Pumpernickel clan of wood sprites known throughout the land for their wizardry with medicines, seasoning and spices. A Pumpernickel always knows just the right herb or accent to flavor any meal, as well as which plant offers remedy for aches and pains. Making the mundane magnificent is their specialty when it comes to baked goods, and Marigold has been called a genius when it comes to knowing just the right aromatic spice for any situation. Careful and precise, Marigold weaves its essence in the air wherever she hangs, so let her be a reminder to take a deep breath now and then, for life itself is nurturing and good.