Coralie Seychelles – Mermaid Nightlight


Off the coast of East Africa is the island chain of the Seychelles. Beyond its furthest reach of sandy bottom, the land drops off into a distant abyss. There, lives a Mer clan known across the seven seas for their hypnotic and calming voices. Coralie comes to you in her favorite seashell for curling up and lifting her voice in song. From moon lullabies to tidal tunes and nautical melodies, Coralie can serenade even the meanest pirate scoundrel into a soft sweet slumber. Place her wherever you want the soundest of sleep, or to be reminded of the sea’s hypnotic beauty, and rest assured, even though you may not hear it, Coralie’s song will lift your spirits.        

Coralie comes in a genuine seashell lounger with nightlight. All handcrafted, using  genuine seashells. Mermaid is interchangeable and can be removed and replaced from nightlight chair. Actual nightlight is battery powered tealight that can also be picked up and battery changed for long lasting life. Battery included with order. Pricing includes shipping anywhere in continental U.S.

Mermaid designs vary.

Please note, all nightlights can be customized with mermaid of your choice. Please visit the Meet the Mermaids page to peruse the styles and characters.

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Nightlight seashell with movable mermaid. 

Coralie (greentail)