Claire Voyant – Fortune Teller


Dare to share with Claire! Where visions are not just a forecast, but an opportunity. Claire is one prophetess who can read between the lines, and consults her enchanted Book of Fate whenever the need arises. She knows that regardless what the future holds, each person’s path is their own, and her foresight is meant to guide and protect. Consult her when your path seems hazy, and listen closely, for she whispers, but her wisdom is free to anyone who takes the time to hear it.

Claire comes with a Book of Fate and can be customized with your choice of hair and skin color. 

Pricing includes shipping within continental U.S. 


Customize Claire with your choice of hair and skin color, as well as colors of her outfit. She can be sassy, traditional, modest, ethereal ….

Claire Voyant 2