Aquabela Summerscales – Mermaid


In the hidden underwater city of Atlantis, many clans of Mer folk make their aquatic homes. Imagine the most fantastic city your mind can conjure—with crystalline castles, pristine palaces, and every color of fish possible, all amidst the most tranquil turquoise waters in the world.  What was once a city in weathered shambles has been restored by the talented and skilled Mer folk clan known as the Summerscales. Their craftsmanship with shell and coral is known far and wide across the seven seas, and Aquabela has a special knack for marine décor, weaving pearl and seaweed tapestries, and carving ornate abalone statues to accent any underwater abode. Place Aquabela wherever you want a reminder that sometimes it’s the little things that add just the right touch in making a room feel like home.

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