What better way to celebrate a special occasion than with personalized pixies?

Perfect for bridal party gifts, dance and cheer teams, birthday party favors, book clubs, tea parties, swim and gymnastics teams, etc. The possibilities are endless. Contact PK directly via the web consultation form, or by emailing pakazo77@gmail.com

Minimum of 6 pixies required. $18 per pixie

10 or more pixies, price is $16 per pixie.

If you’re in the Tampa area, I will personally deliver. Other locations will be shipped via UPS at standard rates, to be discussed upon consultation.

The below pictures show examples of a bridal party, which includes the bride, flower girl, and seven bridesmaids customized with hair color and story cards with personalized names. NOTE: You can make a party pack like this even more memorable by sending me a swath of fabric from the bridesmaids dresses, and/or wedding gown, if available. In the pictures below, the grandmother of the bride sent me fabric from her vintage wedding gown that I used for both the bride and flower girl. The bridesmaids were also customized with fabric from their colorful bridesmaid dresses.





 Bridal pixies always include something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.



Whether in an elegant gown, or shorts and a tee shirt, BRIDE NAME is one beauty that always shows her true colors of kindness, spunk, and charm. As her BIG DAY fast approaches to marry her ONE TRUE LOVE, she makes time to appreciate the little things that make a wedding among family and friends so extraordinary. That’s why this pixie’s gown is crafted from love, and woven with memory, from fabric worn two generations ago,during vows of love and commitment. Let her be a reminder that true love withstands the tests of time, and always ends in happily ever after.

Bridesmaid (Name)

Every girl knows that standing with the bride on her BIG DAY is only for the most dearest and trusted of friends. That’s why this pixie is dressed and ready to assume her duties of support and friendship, but most importantly to be a special part of an extraordinary day.  Hang this pixie nearby to remind you how much you are loved, and how essential you are in making Hannah’s BIG DAY exceptional.


Every girl knows that helping the bride on her BIG DAY is a very special job. That’s why this pixie is dressed and ready to spread petals of love all along the bride’s pathway to Happily Ever After. Hang her nearby to remind you how much you are loved, and how essential you are in making Hannah’s BIG DAY exceptional.


Here are some examples of customized coaches and teachers:


COACH (Name)

NAME is one pixie coach who brings artistry and grace to any gymnasium. With an agile flick of her magic wand she weaves an aura of protectiveness around her gymnasts, and inside it an effervescent confidence flows, providing each and every gymnast with that extra special something to make their technique or routine sparkle. Hang Coach NAME nearby and let her be a reminder that she believes in you, just as you must always believe in yourself.



Shh …. don’t tell your students, but Professor NAME is an expert at weaving a protective aura in the classroom. She wards off bad behavior and promotes full focus. She’s the kind of aid every teacher needs, promoting academic excellence and keeping the classroom in tip-top shape. With Professor NAME nearby, rest assured she’s always taking names, so disruptive students beware! She’s watching.


Remember, party packs can be customized to meet YOUR needs. I’m happy to answer any questions to make your order easy and your party memorable.