Operation: HOPE is my personal project for bringing joy and hope to those dealing with disappointment. I know how tough it is when we find ourselves wading through the doldrums, and sometimes it can feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. 

But there is always hope! 

By giving HOPE to those who need it, we spread a little positive energy into the cosmos, and maybe, just maybe, it’ll work it’s way around the world. 

Hope is one of my bestselling pixies. Here she is:

            Hope                                      hope-dark


Everyone needs a little hope now and then, and lucky for you, she’s fluttered right into your life. This fairy godmother will keep a close eye on things for your utmost protection, so hang Hope wherever she is sure to have the best view. Her specialties include, mending broken hearts, lifting gloomy spirits, and weaving dreams into reality. Tell her all your thoughts and reveries, and let her be a reminder that even when times seem dark, there is always hope.

Hope comes like you see above, either as light skin or dark skin, and accompanied with a story card with the above blurb. Also, dress color may vary between pink and blue.


You may submit a nomination for anyone you know who may need a little hope sent their way. Nominations may be submitted via email to pakazo77@gmail.com, or via webform at the bottom of this page. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know it was received. If you do not receive a confirmation within a day, please resend your nomination.


Very important! Your nomination must include the name of the person you’re nominating, and the reason why you’re nominating. Must include mailing address.


I will review and pull from the nomination pile as often as possible. If your nomination is selected, you will receive an email confirmation from me that your person was selected and a Hope pixie has been sent FREE OF CHARGE. You do not need to do anything, only pat yourself on the back for helping to lift someone’s spirits.

Hope will be sent as a surprise pixie with the following card:

Someone thinks you’re special, and that’s why Hope has come your way. (Your nomination will be included anonymously.)

You’re welcome to connect with your recipient afterward to let them know you nominated them, but let it be a surprise when it arrives. If you do not want your nomination included, please say so at the time of submission.


I reserve the right to select and send at my leisure. You may specify preferences on Hope’s appearance, but due to limited supplies, it can’t be guaranteed.

Please note, Operation: HOPE is a personal endeavor and funded entirely by PK Hrezo through PK’s PIXIES.

Not all nominations will be fulfilled, unfortunately. Because I am a one-man operation, I simply do not have the resources to accommodate every request. Every pixie is handcrafted from scratch, and packaging and postage is done and paid for by myself individually.


If you’d like to donate to this cause, it’s very much appreciated. You may use the donate button below to get to my PayPal page and make a charitable donation to OPERATION: HOPE. Rest assured, 100% of your donation will go to the Hope fund to continue to make it possible, and to get out as many pixies as possible.

Questions, concerns, suggestions are all welcome. Email me at pakazo77@gmail.com or use webform at the bottom of this page.

Let’s keep Hope alive and spreading her wings all over the world.