How PK’s Pixies Are Made

 Each pixie is handcrafted inside PK’s home studio.  

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 100% handmade with wood, fabric, paint, and various bits of lace, beads, and jewelry bits–many of which have been collected on PK’s world travels.   

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Wooden dowels are hand cut, sanded, drilled, and painted. Arms, legs, bodies, and heads are assembled with hand cut metal rods and jump rings, then cemented in for durability.  

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Each face is hand painted with expressions ranging from cute to pretty to sassy. The entire head is then glossed for that extra shine. 

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Cord is tied and cemented into the top of the head. Once the pixies are fully assembled, it takes a full day of drying before the naked pixie can visit the pixie boutique for an outfit and hairdo. 


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Having gathered vintage fabrics, trims, and laces, as well as a collection of old costumes and clothing, PK has become a fairy fashion designer. Old clothing and jewelry are up-cycled for use on the pixies, as what may seem like something insignificant to the human eye, becomes the perfect embellishment for a pixie-sized being. Clothing is hand cut and hand stitched. 


sewing the pixie


The hair is done after each pixie is dressed. This is like the icing on the cake. Just the right color is selected from an array of embroidery thread. It’s cut and styled with glue, in an effort to find the essence of the pixie’s personality. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a pixie just right. This is where the true art and craft come in.  Because each pixie is different and has her own style, often the design is created in the moment. Other times, a pixie character is planned in advance. 

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In the final stage, the pixie gets her wings. Wings are shaped and cut from crafting wire, then woven in tulle. Later, the tulle is pasted with glitter glue and hand stitched onto the pixie. 

wings stage 1  wings stage 2                pixie wings blue

Story cards are printed and pasted on carefully selected card stock. Each character and story are completely original from PK Hrezo. Themes and pictures can be found in the Pixie Shop, or create your own on the Design Your Own page.  New theme ideas always welcome!

Story Card Example


Mermaids are made much the same way, except instead of wings, they get a tail, hand stitched from spandex material.

Tail Close Up


It is my great pleasure to create for you. All of PK’s Pixies are made with love and crafted with precision to bring a lifetime of joy to their companions. PK’s Pixie Promise is that each pixie is welcome for one free visit to the pixie clinic for repair of check-up. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return the pixie to me for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. 

PK stands by her work 100% and hopes to produce nothing but the highest quality craftsmanship. 



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