BOOKS by PK Hrezo


BOOKS by PK Hrezo

Paperbacks, eBooks, and audiobooks are available. If you don’t have a Kindle and prefer eBooks, you can simply download the Kindle app to any device and purchase direct from Amazon using the links below.



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Journey through your creative mind and explore your imagination like you never have before.  
Author and artist, PK Hrezo, walks you through the pages with insightful prompts and activities to get your creative juices flowing. With plenty of room to free-write and record your responses, you will be sure to charm your muse and excite your imagination. Get started today on an inspirational journey through your mind, heart, and soul, and break through the barriers of your own self-limits. Learn to tap into the most valuable reserves of artistic energy hiding within the right-sided recesses of your brain.  
This spunky and whimsical journal is designed for beginning to intermediate artists and writers from ages 10 to 100, with the goal of helping you hone your artist’s eye and make room for creative breakthroughs. 
The sky’s the limit, which is why your imagination needs wings!







A reluctant teen, a tattooed man, and a Big Boss with an even bigger secret. They’ll keep you guessing until the very end with this gamer’s fantasy tale.

IN THE GAMING WORLD YOU CAN ALWAYS POWER OFF. IN THE WORLD OF NIN, POWER IS FOREVER. Soon to be ninth grader, Xavier Dare, thinks he can ace any video game out there. When a mysterious tattooed man challenges X to play a game that’s never before been completed–X can’t refuse. Little does X know, that this so called game will challenge him in ways he never dreamed, giving him real-time access to a world on the brink of turmoil. If X doesn’t level up inside the seven magical yet primitive realms of Nin, and confront the deceptive and enigmatic Big Boss, Penumbra, X will demolish the barriers between her world and his, and expose a secret that changes reality as the human race knows it. 

This is one game that’s about to get real.




Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc. is an upper teen light sci-fi futuristic romance series, appropriate for ages 16 and up, that follows eighteen-year-old Bianca Butterman through her adventures as a time-craft pilot for her parents’ time travel agency set in the year 2069. 

Book 1 :  Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc.

Book 2:  Induction Day

Prequel Novella:  Diary of a Teenage Time Traveler

Book 3:  The Tides of Time  (Coming soon!)

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