PK’s Fairy Tale


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 I help fun-loving spirits

give their imagination wings

by rediscovering joy

in the little things. 

emblem,art,brush,color,drawing,paint,palette,draw,paintingOnce upon a time there was an artist who longed for something unique and fun to create. One day, she stumbled onto a sugarplum fairy ornament for the Christmas tree, and because it was so whimsical and merry, the artist decided to leave it out well after Christmas had passed. She hung it over her desk, because this artist was a writer, too, and the fairy became a fun, inspirational companion during long days of diligent solitude and dedication.

It was after seeing her fairy companion day after day and enjoying the smiles the fairy brought, that the artist decided others should receive smiles from fairy companions too. After closely inspecting the craftsmanship of the ornament, the artist set out to collect materials and design her own. Mable Memento was her first pixie creation, (named after PK’s grandmother), and although it was rather homely from it being the artist’s first try, she tried again and again, creating new fairies and their stories, and perfecting her technique each time, until one day, the artist had so many fairy companions, she knew it was time to send them out into the world to spread their whimsy and conjure smiles.

Bridal Party 2

Now, PK’s Pixies appears monthly at local markets, as well as on Amazon Handmade, and this online Pixie Shop. Pixies have been sent out all over the world, and each one is crafted with the same TLC as the next. PK’s mission is to rekindle our attention toward the little things that make people smile. 

For a complete list of venues, check the sidebar for local appearances.

PK also does complimentary school visits to talk artistic endeavors

and solopreneurship.

Pixie parties also open for discussion.

For more info, inquire on the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Complementary consultations always available. 


About PK Hrezo

Here is what PK is not:

  • A college graduate
  • A trust fund kid
  • A snob
  • A scholar, mathematician, yuppie, 

Here is what PK is:

  • Dreamer
  • World traveler
  • Christian
  • Artist
  • Author of fiction and non-fiction
  • Free spirit
  • Mom of two
  • Wife of a fireman
  • Best bud to a 70lb labradoodle
  • Tampa native and fifth generation Floridian
  • Tree-hugger, diver, beach bum, animal lover
  • Blessed!

For information on PK’s books, please check out her Amazon Author Page

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